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Mousetrap Vehicle



2022 Mousetrap Vehicle Kit

With this updated kit, you can build a competitive Mousetrap Vehicle for Middle School Science Olympiad competitions or just for fun. The car includes an ingenious braking system which can be adjusted so that the car will stop at any distance you choose, from one to ten meters from the starting point! Not only that, but it meets all of the requirements of the 2022 Science Olympiad Mousetrap Vehicle event rules and can travel away from the target over a meter before driving toward the target. Go for the gold with this elegant design. Axles with ball bearings reduce friction for increased distance and consistency. A 35 minute instructional video will guide you through the construction and fine-tuning of your car. You supply duct tape, super glue, white glue, wax paper, and WD-40. A $6 shipping fee will be added to the total order. Shipping outside of the United States is not available.

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